A mixture of Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai massage techniques. These disciplines create a practice that develops trust, play and a sense of community. The trust element is developed with the group working together with 3 key players.

The Base, providing the strength, support and stability

The Flyer makes the yoga poses balanced on the base moving with respect to their base

The spotter the eyes and ears for the group providing support where its needed.


Jams: A jam is an open practice where Acro Yogis share their skills with each other without formal instruction. Jams are a great way to build community while connecting with many different people. The sessions will be supervised to ensure everybody's safety so help is on hand should you need it and spotting is mandatory.

Handstand Conditioning: Working towards the pinnacle of the Acroyoga Practice the infamous Hand2Hand means you'll need to be developing your handstand skills and as we all know practice makes perfect.  

Currently available as Private sessions, Small groups, Parties and Workshops.