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Who are we?

We are a dedicated tribe of yoga students who are committed to our personal practices and professional development. We are extremely happy to help guide you on your journey as we are travelling on the same path.

Heading up an uniqu‍‍‍e bunch of teachers and therapists is Alice Milner aka Master Monkey! The crazy chick that had been dreaming of opening her own studio for many years.

More about us all coming very soon.









Alice started out as a lifeguard/swim coach back in the day! Over the years she's had a go at teaching most forms of group exercise. This has led her to explore many forms of movement and lots of different teaching styles. So what you get from Alice now is over twenty years of refinement and experience in teaching all age groups a huge variety of physically based skills.

Having been lucky enough to discover a joy of Swimming and Dance at a very young age and to have received continued support and encouragement to keep it up fo‍‍rom both her parents. She carried on through the tricky teenage years going to dance classes and attending Swimming Club right up till she moved to London to study at SouthBank University. During her time in South London, with dance classes being too expense for her student budget, she took up Aerobics (an excellent deal of 60p for all the exercise you want at Brixton Recreation Centre being mostly responsible for her continued activity levels!) She stayed in London for around decade leaving university early to pursue her passions, slow‍‍‍ly developing a wide selection of teaching qualifications in a whole heap of group exercise disciplines.

Currently teaching Yoga, Pilates, Pole Dance, a selection of Aerial Arts, Hula-Hooping and working one2one with clients on improving all aspects of their health.