We offer a wide variety of Courses, Classes, Small group training, 121 sessions, Workshops, Retreats, Corporate On-site sessions, Sessions for Schools (teachers & students) and Teacher Trainings.‍‍‍

We mostly offer yoga and come from the Ashtanga route, which by the way we think this is just geniusness itself, as a yoga practice. We love to learn and embrace other styles of yoga and the opportunity to explore and play whenever we get the chance. So Acroyoga is a big hit with us here too and more recently introducing the Aerial yoga.‍‍‍

We also offer Thai Yoga massage, Pilates, Performances, online Mindful nutrition courses and Hula Hooping.
And next door in our sister studio Funky Monkey Studio we offer a whole range of Pole Dance and Aerial Arts classes as well.

Other Yoga's

Making occasional appearances on our timetable...

Yoga Flow: A dynamic flowing class following the Ashtanga vinyasa system but not as you know it...

Yoga Bliss: A restorative class to make you feel A-Maz-ing.

Yoga Vigorosa: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) meets yoga - so YES you ARE going to SWEAT!

The Moon Sequence: If you follow the ashtanga tradition then the Full, the New Moon and your "ladies holidays" are days of rest. This is an awesome little practice which is the perfect yin to the yan of the ashtanga regime should you choose to still practice on the traditional rest days.

Yoga Nidra: The arrrrhhhh moment taken at the end of your regular practice but bigger and better and longer than usual.

Uber Flex: A class designed for our brothers and sisters from next door at Funky Monkey Studio to develop their splits and backbends but great for yogis too.

Hello Yoga: This is our introductory offering for those of you who are brand new to yoga or for those of you who would like to gain a deeper understanding of what is a pretty massive subject.

Flow Like Water: In this class you will be guided to find your unique pathway just like water finds it's way - with ease and grace. This is the Strala way! Taking time, tuning into your intuition, moving with your breath, finding your personal flow. It's all about feeling good and experiencing the joy of moving your body just the way it's meant to move - with ease. This is a very nurturing and exhilarating way to learn the art of yoga and is suitable for all.

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Other Yoga's


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